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Trading options and investing can be intimidating & confusing!

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Are you buying high and selling low because you don't know where to enter and exit?

Do you need a place to expand your understanding of Option, Stock, Future, or Forex?


Ride The Bull is a real-time Stock Market Alert subscription service. We know all too well how valuable your time is. The RTB Team are dedicated market traders bringing to life the technical analysis so you don’t have to. Simple and easy to read. 

Our Scanners and Professional Technicians find the best set-ups and entries including specific option contracts for scalp, day and swing trades sent directly to you live. 

With your subscription, you will gain access to our team of traders and our community hosted on Discord.

For all of you Go-Getters out there, we also have weekly live-streams included as a place for you to hone in on your technical skills and get feedback of true, accurate and sound coaching from our team.


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What we offer

daily real time alerts

  • Options Alerts

  • Stock Alerts

  • Future Alerts

  • Forex Alerts

  • Kindredd Bot Scalp/Day Trade Alerts

  • Gap Up/Down Alerts

  • Breakout Alerts

  • (NEW) SMS Alerts

market information

  • Daily News 

  • Daily Market Scanner

  • Weekly Watchlist 

  • Weekly Live Stream Market Analysis

Trade strategy

  • Try out our proven trade strategy

  • Learn how to trade Options

  • Learn how to trade Option Spread

  • Learn how to trade Gap Up/Down and Earning

  • Learn how to Swing Trade


  • Our community of like-minded individuals who can help hone and develop your skill further. Everyone is encourage to debate on trading strategy to sharp their skills! You also have the opportunity  speak and learn from traders who have 20 years plus of trading experience.

  • Direct 1 on 1 access to ADMIN to answer any questions or concerns.

  • All members will have access to the Suggestion Channel. All feed back is welcome and encouraged.

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